Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Lenarz

Welcome to CI-NEWS.NET website which aims to provide updated resources and educational services to professionals of Cochlear Implantation. The site will comprise 3 main sections:
  • CI NEWS SECTION which will provide the most updated information of CI all over the world. Past, current and future conferences will be provided through our website's e- calendar.
  • CI-EDUCATION SECTION which will attempt to cover in a systematic way different aspects of CI: surgery, audiology, and speech rehabilitation.
  • CI DATABASE SECTION of major ceners in the field of CI. A periodical Newsletter providing the most recent updates and innovations in CI will be sent to professionals of Cochlear Implantation every 3 months.
Our website can be a world-class CI information project only by your contribution. We will highly appreciate if you can be a partner in the success of this website.
Looking forwards to your active participation in this interactive website: www.CI-news.net

Prof. Thomas Lenarz MD.


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